A wedding proposal is a special momment that you never forget, across the world, more specifically from Lebanon came one of the most special challenges of 2015. Abed chose the city of Porto to make his wedding proposal to Rachel, his future bride.

He wanted the wedding proposal to be captured in a special way and trusted us to do a film that they both identified with. We still remember the our first Skype meeting where Abed told us all what he wanted and told us: “I want you to do it your style,” it was impossible to ask for better. He chose a wonderful group of suppliers and everything was in place. Monica’s from Amor Pra Sempre.

was in charge of the organization and planning, there were some months of butterflies in the stomach but in September the time had come. In the wonderful Ribeira of Porto, a beautiful table decorated by Por Magia waited for our future newlyweds, Bruno Macedo was responsible for the music, and we along with Luis from Quemcasaquerfotos waited hidden for their arrival. The music played, Abed kneeled and Rachel said YES! In the end whole Ribeira applauded. Today we present the film we made. Thanks to all suppliers who were present and who were fundamental for everything to work well, a HUGE thanks to Abed for having chosen and trusted us to capture this moment. If you want to know more about this beautiful Wedding request go to Amor Pra Sempre. Thank you, Thank you ALL! It was a privilege.

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Vídeo: We Love Film
Photo: Luís Efigénio
Decor e Styling: Por Magia
Music: Bruno Macedo
Planing and organization: Amor Pra Sempre